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In the early 1990's, encouragement from her daughters to "Do something" with the talent they had recognized even though she hadn't, a long-dormant fire in Jeanette was re-sparked. The result was her first oil painting, "Pamela". Being a self-taught artist also carried the responsibility of attending every class and workshop she could manage.

"After years of seeing other artists' works and firmly believing I could never do that, I discovered at last how truly enjoyable (and a bit scary) the procedure was. When I finished "Pamela" I found myself getting up in the wee hours of the night to make sure the whole thing hadn't been a figment of my imagination and the painting hadn't simply disappeared!"

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Jeanette Oxelson, artist
Jeanette M. Oxelson, artist
Creative Furniture Finishing,
Custom Portraits and Original Landscapes
“Life is a steady process of learning and changing and nothing changes faster than art and music. It’s exciting to be a part of that.”
Jeanette has been painting for many years and has an extensive background in cartographic drafting.
She is also a musician, performing periodically arount the Denver area.



"Enjoy my work and feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think!"





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Jeanette is available for creative custom furniture finishing, original landscapes,
custom portraits, and other custom paintings.

For information and orders, Contact Jeanette

Payment plans available.

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